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Woodpellets, Coal and Envi Blocks in stock and available for delivery. Stop in or call today!

At Higbie Farm Supplies, our family and pet friendly shop has an extensive selection of wonderful products for your farm, pet, lawn, and garden needs. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Small Animal Feed

We offer a variety of top of the line brands including Oxbow, Fiesta, Kaytee, Blue Seal & Sweet Meadow for your small animals including Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and more.

Dog & Cat

We offer a number of top quality food brands for both cats and dogs including Blue Buffalo, Nature’s Variety, Fromm, Blue Seal, Nutrena, and more. Call us at 585-617-3733 to place a request.

Wild Bird Seed


We offer a wide variety of individual seed items available in small amounts and up to 50# bags such as:

Aspen Seed

Black Oil Sunflower

Canary Seed

Corn on the Cob

Cracked & Whole Corn

German Millet

Peanut Hearts

Peanuts in the Shell

Peanut Pickouts


Striped Sunflower

Sunflower Chips

Thistle or Nyjer seed

White Millet


We also sell a variety of blends in small packaging up to 20# and 40# bags such as:



Higbie Cornless Premium

Higbie Economy

Higbie Marvelous Mix

Wild Bird Supplies


We additionally have over 100 feeders, bird baths, and bird houses in stock! Stop in and check out our selection today.

Farm Feed & Bedding

We carry the following bedding products, Call us today to ask about availability.

Reigning Champion Pelleted Bedding (30lb bags)

Top Bedding Pelleted Animal Bedding

Top Bedding 3.25 Cubic Ft Pine Shavings (Fine & Coarse available)

We stock Tribute and Kalmbach, Blue Seal, Buckeye, Pine Creek & Nutrena feed for:










& Fish

What else we offer


Interested in fencing? We have plenty of wonderful options to meet any and all of your needs:

Chicken wire

Field fence

Wooden fence posts

Electric Fence Supplies & Insulators

Welded wire

Horse fence

14 gauge wire

Three styles of split rail fencing

Wood Pellets

Call us today to inquire about ordering wood pellets from Barefoot, La Crete, Ambiance, Dry Creek, or Alleghany.

Pricing (Per Ton)

Barefoot $ 375

Alleghany $350

Dry Creek $350

La Crete $350

Ambiance $ 350

Envi Blocks

Call us today to inquire about ordering Envi Blocks.

($375 Per Pallet)

3 Packs

6 Packs

Lawn & Garden

To keep your lawn or garden looking as beautiful as possible, we carry fertilizer, insect, grub & weed control among many other gardening products and tools.

Lawn and Garden Fertilizer

Top & Potting Soil

Safe and Simple Organic Weed Control

Our own Grass Seed Blends

Ant, Bee & Moth sprays & repellents

Fruit tree spray

Lawn Grub, Crabgrass and Weed Controls and Preventatives

Baits, traps and poison for mice and rats

Mulch: Black, Red, & Cedar

Dehydrated Cow Manure

Peat Moss

Tools, Gloves, Brooms, Rakes etc.


We sell bulk and bagged coal, rice, pea, chestnut, and stove are all available.

Bagged $500 per ton.

Bulk $445 per ton.

Stop in and see our impressive selection of products today! If you would like to ask about a certain brand or product, feel free contact us today and give us a call at 585-617-3733.